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From: "Tia Traazil"

To: "Opulence"

Send: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 8:45 AM


Hi Kathryn,


"I have colitis for the last 5 years which is due to my increase allergies to wheat and dairy products. When i consume them, my colon bleeds! I have been on great care from my homeopathic doc. Since i start visiting Opulence, after each treatment, the internal bleeding reduced so so fast that WOW, this is a miracle! I am finally on the way to healing my internal colon!"


"I recently went to have a wonderful time at Cherating, Kuantan and I brought back souvenirs...sandflies bites. The bites were so itchy and so so inflammed. I went to Opulence for treatment, within 30seconds, i witnessed with my own eyes how fast the inflammation reduce which will probably take 1 week with medicine!! This is the blessing of modern technology."

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From: Irene Tan

To: Opulence

Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2007 4:35 AM

Subject: Re:PHOTOS


Hello Kathryn,


I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for making me able to walk again on heels. After my fall in December 2007 out from 2nd floor window my leg had never healed totally. Due to a severe open wound infection I was never able to wear heels and walk for long. However, after I had a few treatments with you, you actually really made me feel loads better. I had tried chinese acupuncture and foot reflexology but it never last.



So far after 2 weeks in London with alot more walking and in heels to work, I have not felt much discomfort. Of cos ideally is that I go back for therapy more to heal it. But at least it is much better now. Thanks again and I would like to tell everyone that Opulence does really work if treatment is done intensively.


Will see you next year in May when I return for my holiday and look you up again for treatment. Please do let me know if you move.


Take care and much love,

Irene Tan
Love from London.

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From: Audrey Wong
To: Opulence


Written on 7th August 2008


After the microcurrent treatment conducted on 3rd August, the dizziness subsided and my hearing improved in the next 3 days. Normal sounds no longer jolt me. I could sleep through the night without anxiolytic medication. My muscles were significantly relaxed. I started chatting with my colleagues and friends at ease. I have less panic attacks; I was able to voice out my anxieties and concerns to my husband and good friends instead of dwelling on them. My palms and feet perspired less. I started dancing at a relaxed pace again.The flu continued with some body muscle aches but there was no fever.


I would like to say a big thank you to Kathryn Lee.

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