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Biological Cells Regulation Therapy has helped accelerate recovery indeed.

Looking at him... one would not know he has had a stroke in October 2005. Not only can he dance and swim again, he has learnt to paint with his left hand (he is right-handed). Previously confined to home, Thomas has returned to his normal daily routine and is travelling again. Thomas & Anne feel that their lives have been renewed.


The technology treats at the cellular level, regulating cell activities and promoting soft-tissue recovery and blood circulation. The therapy is safe, non-invasive and painless. It often promotes recovery from conditions that have not responded to other treatments.

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A Therapy Centre for treatment of chronic & acute pain, injuries, and total wellness through Biological Cells Regulation Therapy. Non-invasive, safe & painless therapy at the cellular level.


Simply what Biological Cells Regulation does:

- Regulates the Body’s stagnated flow of internal energy

- Regulates cells activities, and restore injured soft tissues

- Promotes recovery and blood circulation

Biological Cells Regulation Therapy

Helps the various anatomic systems (such as the circulatory, nervous, digestive & immune systems) work optimally, boosting general health and encourage healing & growth right down to the cellular level. The effects are long lasting & the healing of tissues is more complete. The effects on the skeletal system continue to work long after the therapy; stimulating, healing & repair of injured tissues.


For general maintenance healthcare – faced with stressful situation whether immediate or long term buildup (at work, home or simply due to tiredness) the body automatically responds by secreting adrenaline & cortisol into the bloodstream. When these stress hormones are released, muscles will tense, amongst other reactions from the heart, lungs and immune system. BCR therapy helps to release these tensions in our body; stimulate & activate the body’s own energy to help fight illness & restore harmony (homeostasis).


For healing – stimulate the body’s own recuperative powers (injured cells), the circulatory and lymphatic systems; clearing stagnated energy by diffusing the toxins/metabolic wastes build-up that accumulated in the tissues.


Aids the Lymphatic System through lymph drainage (or commonly known as “detoxification” / ”purification”)


Alleviate ailments such as tension, stress, aches & pains, arthritis, muscle cramps, numbness in arms or hands, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and menstrual cramps, etc


Accelerate healing of tissues: post-operation pain & scars, wounds, bruises, contusion, muscle treatment, ligaments and tendons, etc

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Biological Cells Regulation Therapy Promotes & Accelerate Recovery

The effects are long lasting and the healing of tissues is more complete

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